Moms, It's Time to Take a Selfie: Full-Face Makeup In 5 Minutes!


Hey mommies, did you know that you only need 5 minutes to look well put together? Nope, I'm not talking about the wonders a hairbrush can do. Though that would be nice. But rather, I'm talking about makeup, full face makeup. I just tried the 5-Minute Makeup Challenge and (surprisingly) made it! I guess the key is to prioritize. Study your face, and decide which products are extremely necessary for you. Remember to keep them to the minimum. I'm no doubt a lover and hoarder of makeup, but for my everyday makeup look, I only swear by these 7 products from BYS Cosmetics.

And all the husbands say, "AMEN!"



I keep my day makeup simple by wearing a light, sheer base. I love how tinted moisturizers hydrate skin and provide little tint enough to even out complexion. To apply, I use a blending sponge, or my fingers (most of the time).

If you need extra coverage, you may use foundation instead.

PS: Don't forget to prepare your skin before applying makeup (Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize) for easy and flawless application.



It's always tempting to skip this step. But for discolorations like dark under eyes, pimple marks, and redness, this is a must.

Do you still remember the color wheel from your gradeschool art class? To master concealing, take note of these contrasting colors: green cancels redness (pimple), yellow cancels purple (purplish under eyes), and peach lightens brown marks (pimple marks, sunspots). But to make it easier, for beginners, just get a good concealer closest to your skin color.



To keep your base in place, use a setting powder. You may use a powder brush for light application, or a sponge for extra coverage. I personally like using a brush to avoid over powdering, or what we call "cakey".

Though I love sparkles, for day makeup, I keep everything matte. Under the sun, I don't want to "shine bright like a diamond".



Look instantly polished by just grooming and shaping your brows! As much as possible, leave the grooming part to the experts. Threading for the win.

In shaping, for beginners, I suggest using a brow pencil not only because it's convenient but also because it finishes off naturally, glides and blends easily, mimics brow hair, and (its wax) manages to tame unruly hair. Just wow! You may set it with a brow powder, then blend with a spoolie brush (always).



If I have to pick one makeup I can't live without, it would be mascara! Whether I just want to look bright-eyed in the morning or dramatic in a glamorous evening, mascaras are great in defining, enhancing and drawing focus to the eyes.

I love wearing black waterproof mascara for long-lasting, smudge-proof, sweat-proof, weather-proof , worry-free lash greatness.



I tend to blush (nuks) when it's hot so I usually skip this product during the summer. But when I need a little glow, I love swiping peach powder blush from the outer cheeks, blending it towards the apple of my cheeks. For everyday makeup, keep it sheer and natural, for an effortless healthy looking flush.

You may contour to give cheeks definition but keep it light, and blend it well giving an illusion of a soft shadow. No more harsh contours please. Try keeping it matte too for a more natural finish.



Red, Pink, Coral, Brown... there's so many colors to choose from. I decide on colors depending on my mood. For most days, I wear lip balms which provide hydration and a hint of color. For days calling for bolder lips, I stick with creamy formulas to prevent my lips from drying.

If you need something to stay whole day, mattes should be your best pick.

BUT... 7 products still seem like a whole lot. Wondering how I finished in 5 minutes? Watch this to find out.



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Keeping everyday makeup simple,