Moving Through the Metro: Why Every Mom Should Download the Mommily App


As parents, especially moms,  we've all experienced this: eating in nice a restaurant or strolling around the mall and suddenly, you smell that oh so familiar scent coming from your little one! 🙊 💩 🙊 So you try to make your way to the nearest washroom only to find out there is NO DIAPER CHANGING TABLE!!! 😳😳😳 You ask a security guard walking past and he looks at you blankly for 10 seconds before realizing what you're looking for. And to make matters worse, the ONLY diaper changing table in the whole mall is three floors up or down from where you are! 🙈😑🙈😑

And all the moms say, I KNOW RIGHT?!?

Now what if I told you difficult and awkward situations like that could be a thing of the past?








Moms, say hello to Mommily!

Mommily is an app that encourages all parents, especially moms to bond with their kids even outside the home by being smart, user-friendly, and giving them the information they need about mom and baby facilities to help them have a stress-free day out with their kids.

Mommily also hopes to be a catalyst for improvement of commercial establishments and other public utility places, making them more aware of the needs of families, especially families with younger children, and moving them to respond to those needs.











How can Mommily help Moms navigate through the Metro?

Most moms can relate with each other when they talk about the first time they brought their young kids out. It was probably traumatic or difficult to say the least.

Before the kids came, the most they’d have to be concerned about was where the washroom was or the nearest ATM.

Suddenly they would now be in dire need of facilities and services they probably didn’t even know existed in malls and other commercial establishments—or worse, don’t exist there at all.

Mommily has narrowed down these facilities and services in the following categories to help parents have a more pleasant experience when they take their kids out.




You never have to struggle to find Baby Changing Stations in your area

Mommily understands how difficult it is to have to ask several security guards or make your way to the customer service counter or tap aimlessly at a touchscreen mall directory, when your kid is whining in one arm and you’ve got a slew of bags on the other.

Mommily provides us with the locations of the nearest Baby Changing Stations in our area, so we never have to go through that frantic situation again.

Need to restock on baby essentials? Your nearest Baby Needs Stores is just a click away

Although there are entire floors and/or wings in malls devoted to Infant and Children’s necessities, not all kids are the same. Some will have special needs that just aren’t covered by the generic department store kids’ sections.

Mommily will help you find the stores you need by showing you the locations of these stores and a brief description of what you can find there.

Nursing on the go made easy by knowing the location of Breastfeeding Stations

We’ve all heard the phrase “Breastfeeding is best for babies up to two years old [and beyond.]” There is even now an increasing worldwide movement to promote breastfeeding and its amazing benefits.

However, a lot of establishments have been lagging behind in getting on this bandwagon.

An average mall in the metro will have only 1 breastfeeding station in the entire mall. An average breastfeeding station can accommodate only 2-3 moms at once.

Mommily hopes to change this and in the meantime, provide a comprehensive directory of Breastfeeding Stations to help and encourage moms to nurse their babies.






Home school? Play school? What school? Discover Early Learning Centers near you

According to United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Early Childhood Education (ECE) has powerful short and long-term impact on children’s learning outcomes, well-being and potential.

Early education is directly linked to the effectiveness and efficiency of basic education; children who [engage in early learning] are more likely to be ready for primary school as well as persist and succeed [in latter levels of education.]

Mommily aims to be a reliable resource for discovering and locating such Early Learning facilities in the metro to help parents find the right program for their kids.



On the lookout for fun, new things to do? Check out Events for you and your family

All across the metro, there are pockets of individuals, communities, institutions and commercial brands, hosting events that are either of interest to or beneficial for parents and their kids.

However, as is the common case, there is no coordinated means of knowing when and where these events are taking place.

Mommily wants to bridge the gap between the good people hosting these events and the parents who would benefit greatly from them, if only they knew about it.

So the app will tell you where and when these events are taking place, along with brief information on what they are about so parents can decide which they want to attend and prepare/plan for it in advance.



Nothing beats #childhoodunplugged. It's time to take your kids to Playgrounds

Play is an integral part of a child’s learning, growth, and development.

Playing lets kids try out new roles for themselves and allows for creative problem-solving. Play is also an avenue for kids to deal with the onset of growing intensities in their emotions.

But the benefits of play are stifled when the toy or play environment directs the play rather than the child –as in the case of using electronic toys and gadgets.

Mommily encourages the old-fashioned, magical kind of play by bringing back the choice of outdoor play to families by leading you to the playgrounds where magical childhood memories can be made anew in this generation.



Other Lifestyle Needs? Mommily has got you covered

If you were born in the 80s or early 90s you’ve probably heard your parents’ horror stories about their ugly, socially-excluding haircuts or how their visits to the dentist as a kid were so traumatizing they refused to go back and now have to endure extensive dental repairs and maintenance as adults.

Luckily for some of us, specialized services for kids began to pop up during our generation. Luckier still that our kids now have the opportunity to benefit from specialized kids services that have honed their craft over the years.

Here are just some of the specialized lifestyle services curated by Mommily:

  • Family Lounges
  • Kids Hair Salons
  • Kids Swim Schools
  • Pediatric Dentists
  • Pediatric Dermatologists
  • Pediatric Ophthalmologists

So what are you waiting for? Download Mommily now!

Presently, Mommily is available for download on Android devices via Google Play. Click the button below to download on your Android device now.


Mommily will soon be available on iOS devices. You can help support Mommily and make the app available faster on iOS by purchasing this awesome diaper pouch that amazingly carries all your baby necessities and yet still conveniently fit into your mom bag or hang on your baby's stroller!

Mommily Diaper Pouch
Mommily Diaper Pouch

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