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Being a Mom and Working at Home

I had decided long before I became a mom that I would be the one to stay home and raise my kids.

So when I found myself a single mom to my beautiful baby girl, I had to find a way to still make that decision work while providing for us at the same time.

Four years ago, when I was still pregnant with my daughter, I took a leap of faith to not go back to the corporate office setup and instead pursue a professional career that was home-based.

It was hard, to say the least, but by God's grace, He blessed the works of my hands and gave me a flourishing career as a Marketing and Management Consultant, where I have all the time in the world to be there for my daughter 24/7.

But living in this digital age where everything is always "updating," what worked to get me to this point four years ago, will not work now and the new challenge for me is how to keep myself growing without the more permanent anchor that a local office-based job (albeit underpaid and overworked) provides.

I had been mulling over several strategies for the past two years, and launching a blog as a new platform to engage my target market and land prospective clients seemed the most feasible.

But somehow, marketing myself proved more challenging than marketing my clients.



Plans & Purposes - A 12-Month Workbook

So it wasn't until late last year when I discovered Olivia Women and their Plans & Purposes Workbook that I FINALLY got started on my blog and even other things close to my heart that I'd always been hesitant to pursue.

And I think most of us women are like that, we are more cautious about pursuing what is closest to our hearts because we have this fear that we might mess it up or it might not turn out the way we hoped, or worse, it would get out of our control -- and our hearts might shatter along with our dreams.

Which is why I appreciate that the Plans & Purposes Workbook was written by women, for women. You can tell right away even from the first page that this was made with a woman's heart and spirit in mind.

The format and sections are structured enough that it satisfies our need for stability (somewhere we can "go back to" when things get a bit muddled along the way) but is also spacious enough to allow our own ideas to flow through and grow from the pages.

But more importantly, the Plans & Purposes Workbook not only addresses matters of success but also puts much needed emphasis on matters of the spirit. The workbook encourages that every plan and action be covered in prayer -- recognizing that blessing and growth for success eventually springs forth from only One source -- Jesus Christ.



Anchor of the Soul - A Lent Workbook

I saw how well the Olivia Women team understood the necessary balance between productivity and prayer, between our success and our spirit. So when theyannounced they were doing a workbook for Lent, Anchor of the Soul, there was no question, I had to have it. In fact, I recommended it to all the women close to me.

It didn't matter that I was on a 5-week vacation in Davao del Norte, I made the effort of having it shipped to Davao and get to me by Holy Thursday (which was the official start of the workbook) no matter what.

Motherhood and Realizing the Importance of an Anchor

But to tell you the truth, I thought my Davao trip would do so much for me and God (away from the fast-paced life of the city, downtime, relatives to help with my daughter, not having to cook, etc.) BUT it didn't... because I DIDN'T.

Sure the provincial life didn't have the distractions or loneliness or busyness of city life but it had distractions of its own and I am now realizing that I am so easily distracted. It seems that for all my bravery in facing stormy waters, despite my constant fear of drowning -- I am not anchored.

I sense the signs of the times and looking at my daughter they grip me with fear as if I'd never heard His Words before. Or that I have, but I seem to have forgotten and I'm even more afraid to have lost that knowledge, that wisdom now when I need it the most for my daughter.



My life leads hers. if i am unanchored, so will she.


Don't Get Lost in the Storm

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